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    Palindrome Free Strings – My solution C++

    Just wanna try out the new syntax highlight plugin that I installed :-). I took this problem from Google Kickstart 2022, round A. This one is a truly interesting problem to challenge our understanding of dynamic programming. Out of around 17.5k participants, there are only 654 participants, just around 4% of all, who can solve this problem. To be honest, this 4% would not include me if I joined at the time. The problem You are given a string $S$ consisting of characters 0, 1, and ?. You can replace each ? with either 0 or 1. Your task is to find if it is possible to assign each ?…

  • Geek stuffs

    [WP] Fully Customized User Management with ACF & Gravity Forms

    The core idea of any interactive website is to respond to the user’s actions, which is performed with several steps: collecting inputs, processing then visualizing. Unfortunately, this could not be fully controlled/customized only with WordPress core. ACF makes it much easier to expand WordPress functionalities, allows us to take full control of not only posts but users (and more…). GForms provides a security & convenient layer to collect user’s info. By using hooks, you can build fully customized site’s functions like User Management* (login, register, logs,… – totally Front-End), Shopping Cart (easy implemented with cookies), User Thread New Post like Forums,  … in a secured & comfortable way, without having to use a bunch of additional plugins for each…