Random thoughts

I begin to write blogs (again)

Sarek national park, Sweden (2017)

I happened to meet a blogger girl yesterday (not the one in the photo) who reminded me how fun it was to write down and keep safe random thoughts one had throughout different periods of time. I always wanted to do that. It is likely to be meaningful to me someday I want to look back and see how far things have gone. And of course, just with a modest possibility that somebody may want to read it.

There was also a longer story. I had a personal blog until two years ago (at đta.vn). My routine has always been to backup everything I develop. I did that to all of the websites I have done for my customers, except my own one :(. What I am doing now is to hopefully recover the posts (not so many though) I have written back then using the Wayback Machine by archive.org, with huge regret that it was only a click away if I had done it earlier.

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