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Journey to a 9500-year-old tree (Old Tjikko)

First of all, I need to say thanks to an Indonesian friend, Satu. (You can find his blogs here.) I have never said this to him but I am really thankful because he is the one who brought me into this world of nature exploration. Because of that, I soon adopted this hobby of hiking/trekking in nature after I came to Sweden. Coming from a completely different culture and climate, this kind of natural scenery is truly magnificent to me.

Just keep in mind that humans first invented the wheel 5500 years ago. Old Tjikko had even existed for more than 5000 years before that (9563 years old in 2020, to be more precise). Some article (here) claims that Old Tjikko is the world’s oldest tree. However, from this Wikipedia [page], our Old Tjikko is ranked third… which is still impressive, isn’t it? The number 9500 is actually the age of its root system.

[to be continued]

Two great travel mates of mine

You can find maps and more useful information on this official webpage of Fulufjället national park:

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